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Tres Leches Cake (Tray)


Our authentic Tres Leches is a rich, tender sponge cake delicately soaked in three luscious milks and covered with a white satiny cream topping.

This hot, new Latin dessert creation is full-flavored, smooth, and sensuous.

A completely satisfying and irresistible dessert for the entire family.

PACK SIZE: 2/5.5 lb. trays per case

Scored, 15 servings per tray

Serving Directions

  • Keep frozen until ready to use
  • Thaw in refrigerator overnight or at least 6 hours prior to serving
  • If pre-cutting squares semi-frozen, cover plate and cake with plastic wrap. Refrigerate
  • Pull down sides of the box before cutting
  • Cut squares and use a spatula to place on the plate
  • If desired, spoon extra Tres Leches milk mixture from the bottom of the tray onto the dessert plate
  • Garnish with shipped cream, fresh berries or sliced mango
  • After removing slices, put cardboard lid or plastic wrap on top of tray. Refrigerate.