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Tiramisu Tray

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“Heaven in your mouth!”

Regarded as Italy’s most popular dessert, Tiramisu literally means, “pick me up” in Italian. This rich, yet light tasting, treat is not too sweet or too filling.

We handcraft our Tiramisu the old-fashioned way, using the finest authentic ingredients. Imported Savoiardi ladyfingers are hand dipped in a custom espresso mixture, layered with ethereal mascarpone imported from Italy, then finished with a generous dusting of premium cocoa powder.

This smooth, luxurious dessert is perfect for restaurants, foodservice and retailers. You will not find a better Tiramisu anywhere.

Pack Size & Serving Suggestions

  • Packed two 4.25 lb trays per case.
  • Flange scored for 15 (4.5 oz) square servings per tray. Scores used as guide for cutting squares.
  • Tray can also be cut into 30 (2 oz.) portions, which can be part of dessert flight or all inclusive meals.
  • Serve as squares, spooned into wine glasses, or portioned for individual dessert flight.

All Natural * No Additives * No Preservatives