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Sorbissimo is Italy’s #1 dessert to drink!

Sorbissimo is a creamy and original frozen temptation that is wildly popular throughout Europe and served at most restaurants in Italy. Now for the first time, Sorbissimo is available to the US market exclusively through Taste It Presents. With 25+ years of proven sales in the Italian marketplace, this ‘Sippable Sorbet’ is ideal for foodservice venues looking for something completely new and unique. Perfect for restaurants, pizzerias, catering, coffee shops, and more.

Sorbissimo creates new dessert customers by offering guests, who initially had no intention of ordering dessert, a light and simple indulgence that is seemingly less commitment than ordering a slice of cake.

Available in two irresistible flavors, Lemon and Coffee Cream, Sorbissimo is the perfect pallet-cleanser or after dinner pick me up to offer your guests.

Available in 6.6 lb. tanks for slush machines or 2.2 lb. bottles to serve from the refrigerator.