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Semifreddo Mascarpone Bar Cake


Incredible, Italian semifreddo bar cake with made with authentic, imported Mascarpone and smooth Bavarian cream on a tender sponge cake base. Rich, dark chocolate sauce oozes from the center. Cake is topped with crunchy, crumbled Amaretto macaroons and swirls of imported, semi-sweet dark chocolate. Truly spectacular!

This sublime creation falls halfway between mousse and ice cream, though it is one of a few desserts that can easily stand up to the greatness of both. Semifreddo (lit. half-cold) is chilled until it sets and it is then served semi-frozen, while its unbelievably light, almost ethereal texture makes it melt on the tongue. The combination of the soft, cool (semi-frozen) creaminess of the mascarpone and Bavarian cream with the liquid of the chocolate sauce, and the crunchiness of the macaroon crumbles make this a truly a ‘wow’ dessert. It absolutely bursts with cold, delicious flavor!  The type of dessert you will go back for many times. Plus, the elegant decoration and colors, and of course, wonderful flavor, make this a true stand-out dessert.

Serve directly from the freezer.