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About Us

Taste It Presents conceives, creates and customizes handcrafted, gourmet desserts for foodservice and retail in-store bakeries.

We specialize in globally inspired creations, indulgent classic desserts and custom signature items. Through innovation, culinary flair and globally sourced ingredients, we create exquisite, delicately balanced flavors and textures.

With four sister brands and four production plants, we have deep manufacturing capabilities, nationwide distribution, and exacting quality assurance standards.


Our Story

Our sweet adventure began 20 years ago when our Founder John tasted a heavenly dessert in a hilltop village in Italy. That dessert – Tiramisu ( “pick-me-up” in Italian), was to change John’s destiny forever. He was so impressed with the dessert’s light & creamy texture and glorious flavor, that he returned to the U.S. determined to recreate this irresistible delicacy.

John took his vision of popularizing authentic Italian desserts to master dessert & food innovator, Paula. The pair set to work, refining their dish until it was perfect. And perfection meant using authentic ingredients imported from Italy – from lush mascarpone to artisan, Savoiardi ladyfingers.

Valuing the Italian handcrafting spirit, their bakery production team hand dipped the ladyfingers in a custom espresso mixture, layered the smooth mascarpone and finished the dish with a generous dusting of premium cocoa powder. With orders coming in from restaurants across the country – and a conviction that once people tasted the dessert they would love it & buy it again and again –  our company Taste It Presents was born, and Tiramisu swiftly became a national favorite.

Our Tiramisu is still made the same way today.

This approach to dessert creation has remained the bedrock of Taste It Presents. Our culinary team travels globally to discover new flavors and outstanding ingredients. For our authentic Tres Leches and Dulce de Leches cakes, we explored Latin American countries, our velvety Chocolate Mousse Cake took us to Belgium and our luscious Crème Brûlèe to France. Each dessert is still taken through hundreds of iterations to refine small details, such as perfecting the Sicilian lemons in our Limoncello Mascarpone Cake to pairing our New Orleans style Bread Pudding with a crème Anglaise sauce.

For our energetic team of bakers, crafters, tasters, producers and packers, dessert making is more than a job. It is an obsession.

Our Vision

In our hectic, over scheduled world, our vision is to create moments to blissfully linger.

Our Values


We are insatiably curious and driven by innovation. We follow our taste buds and indulge our imaginations.


We don’t follow trends, we create them. We are always one step ahead of dessert desires.


Our desserts create moments and memories. We build lasting impressions and loyal consumers.


We are fleet of foot – known for swift turnarounds and inventive problem solving.


We work in true partnership with our customers, exceeding expectations. Your success is our success.


We are steadfastly loyal to our customers – valuing relationships, privacy and impeccable service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to delight our customers and their customers. Through culinary flair, trend-setting innovation, manufacturing expertise and implacable quality assurance, we build consumer loyalty and purchasing, driving profitability for our clients.

Taste The Difference