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Chocolate Mousse Cups (12/3.5 oz) - Retail

Chocolate Mousse Cups (12/3.5 oz) - Retail

This velvety, smooth Chocolate Mousse is placed into a 3.5 oz cup for a quick serve in an elegant style.  Comes with a dab of cream and chocolate shavings to make this dessert one of a kind.

Our clear, self-serve cups are great for pizzerias and "to go" establishments.

PACK SIZE: 12/3.5 oz cups per case

Keep frozen. If cups are being used daily, than refrigerate. Product is good for 7 days in cooler

Product Specifications

Code #:
0 25537 77710 2
Unit Weight:
3.5 oz.
Cooler Shelf Life:
7 days
Frozen Shelf Life:
1 year