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Taste It Presents

You Have to Taste It to Believe It

Custom Desserts

istock-000008472095-tira-ingrdnts.jpgTaste It Presents’ award-winning, new product development team has been creating custom, signature desserts for foodservice and retail clients for over two decades.

Whether you need a product tweak, a creative new menu offering, or an ideation session for a new line, we have the culinary sophistication, R&D depth, and manufacturing capability to make it happen.

Working hand-in-hand with your corporate chef and culinary team, we will ensure your signature dessert is a win on all fronts:

  • Flavor, texture and visual impact
  • Quality and consistency
  • Marketability
  • Profitability

Let us create a dessert experience that will wow your customers and your bottom line.

Contact: (908) 241-9191
Email: salestasteitpresents.com